LIVE from Havana House (West) Bath, Ohio we're preparing a Wagyu (BMS 8+) Flat Iron Steak with Grillmaster's Garlic Scallops from Meat N' Bone! Join us as we celebrate the release of "The Cupcake" in honor of our friend "Matty Cupcakes." Our newest Sales Manager Erik Vadella joins us as Sous Chef. The weather is beautiful and the grill is hot!

LIVE from Regency Cigar Emporium in East Greenwich, Rhode Island we're preparing New York Strips 2-Ways. Prime Beef & Bison! Join us as we Celebrate and Kickoff the 25th Anniversary of RCE with 2 VERY special cigars!

LIVE from Lincoln, Maine the fireworks show to end all fireworks shows! Light up a "Stars & Stripes" and enjoy the evening with us!

LIVE from Lincoln, Maine we’re preparing a Prime Tomahawk Ribeye and Steak Hot Dogs as we kick off a day of celebration while smoking the “Stars & Stripes!”

 LIVE from Conway, Arkansas we're preparing Pork Tomahawks and smoking the LFD Air Bender Maduro "La Cima De Aguda" made EXCLUSIVELY for tonight's hosts, West End Cigars!

Hacking Gourmet - Captain Gourmet "The First Hacker"
Carney has returned to Maine and will be preparing a locally raised Grass Fed New York Strip and discussing the uniqueness of grass fed cattle.
We offically announce the July 4th Gourmet Smoke Session and Fireworks show, the exclusive cigar for the June 23rd Gourmet Smoke Session, ALL NEW "WOULD YOU RATHER", "GOURMET FACKS" with a comic inspired "TOP 5 LIST" and much more as we slowly work our way into the Summer months!

LIVE from Tobacco Plaza - Great Neck, NY we release the LFD "Long Island Iced Tea" and prepare a Dry Aged Prime Porterhouse and Caribbean Lobster Tail!

 "Hacking with the Wind" Carney and Fred go LIVE in Orlando at the "Lady Friend" Estate and McGee joins joins from Texas as we take on classic dishes! McGee prepares Beef Stroganoff accompanied by Aspargus as Carney takes a modern twist on Chicken Cordon Bleu with Broccolini cooked over charcoal. New "Top List", "Would You Rather" and "Gourmet FACKS" as we announce the June "Gourmet Smoke Session."

 Live from Cumming, Georgia at The Cigar Shoppe we are celebrating Spring!!!

 "Look Who's Hacking Now" It's our 1 Year Anniversary!! We've come a long way in the last year! We invite you join us as we celebrate the occasion with all the Hackers preparing celebratory dishes!"

It's SPRING BREAK and the Hacking's Gone Wild! Join us as we discuss last weeks Gourmet Smoke Session, announce our 2 May Spring Sessions, Dig into Spring Break Themed "Gourmet Facks", "Top 5 Hangover Foods", and a WILD "Would you Rather!" Brian creates a Hangover Breakfast Burrito and Carney prepares a Mac N Cheese Menage a Toir platter!

LIVE from Fox Cigar Bar - Gilbert, Arizona it's St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate along with us as we prepare Prime Tri-Tip and Wasabi Scallops! Tonight is also the official launch of "Meceta De Oro" the Gourmet Smoke Session Exclusive Cigar No.6.


HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Join us as we celebrate the luck of the Irish with several different takes on classic "Irish" cuisine! We have all new “Would You Rather”, “Gourmet FACKS” and “Top Five” themed for the occasion!

LIVE from The Penthouse Cigar & Lounge in Hartford, Connecticut. LFD Gourmet Smoke Session No. 5 featuring "La Volcada - La Valentin" and a Twin Wagyu Angus Cross Filet and Caribbean Lobster Tail Surf and Turf Presentation. 

Our guest Chris Rosenthal cooks solo and prepares a 4-Course meal including, Steak Tartare, Seared Scallops, Tri Tip and Creme Brûlée! Fred and Carney MEATorate the preparation!

 We welcome Omar De Frias, Founder of Fratello Premium Cigars, and his world famous steak! (He actually cooked seafood...)

Live on the show we announce our February Gourmet Smoke Session as we present an all new "Top List", "Gourmet FACKS", and "Would You Rather".

McGee and Carney tackle "alternative" cuts of beef that are often overlooked and Fred reviews and snacks on something random.

 January 14, 2021 - LIVE with Mom's Cigar Lounge - Scarsdale, NU - LFD Gourmet Smoke Session No. 4 New York Strip Steak | USDA Prime Argentine Red Shrimp | Wild Caught Garlicky Smoked Mediterranean Salt Grillmaster's Aioli Sauce Jamon Serrano | Just Carved

w/@momscigarwarehouse Visit @meatnbone to purchase the sessions package and enjoy an amazing meal with us! @hackinggourmet @lfdcigars #cigar #cigars #smokelfd #primebeef #beef #shrimp

Join the crew as they prepare their tailgate classics to celebrate one of our Nation's Biggest Games with The Hacking Gourmet Tailgate National Championship!
Along with gourmet dishes, and the twists you have come to love, the Hackers present to you "Would You Rather - Football Edition", "Gridiron Gourmet Facks" and an all new "Top Five list."

 Join the team as we celebrate the season with delectable Christmas Dishes from each Hacker, a new "Top Five", Christmas "Would you Rather" and new "Gourmet Facks." Brian prepares Duck Breast and Carney takes on Leg of Lamb!


December 12 - LIVE from Galiano Cigar Room - Coral Gables, Florida - LFD Gourmet Smoke Session No. 3 w/@galianocigarroom Visit @meatnbone to purchase the sessions package and enjoy an amazing meal with us! @hackinggourmet @lfdcigars #cigar #cigars #smokelfd #wagyu #beef #picanha #hackinggourmet

 It's Brian's Birthday and we celebrate in Hacking Gourmet style! We have prepared several surprises as we honor the birth of our very own Brian Mcgee! Brian explores his inner carnivore with and beef themed celebratory dish and Carney has a mystery dish inspired by Brian! Join us for an all new "Birthday Top 5", "Gourmet Facks" and "Brian Themed Would you Rather" and see what food sampling Fred is subjecting himself to LIVE at 5 PM EST - On Facebook LIVE and YouTube!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving the Hackers take on the ultimate seasonal fowl, TURKEY! Brian prepares Turkey legs and Carney transforms the same dish with a Pear Gravy. Fred samples Brach's "Thanksgiving Dinner" Candy Corn and we present an all new "Top Five", "Gourmet Racks" & "Would You Rather" alone with announcing our December Gourmet Smoke Session!

 Live from The Wagyu Bar & Meat N Bone in Miami, Florida an d Broadcast Exclusively for Cigar Mojo in King of Prussia, PA!
The menu will be Spanish and feature Iberican Pork Chop, Jamon Iberico, Manchego Cheese and yes.... BACON infused Sea Salt!!! CIGAR AND FOOD PACKAGES AVAILABLE!

 Join us as Carney prepares Apple Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs w/Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts.

McGee Hacks up Smoked Turkey Breast w/a Whattaburger Breakfast Sausage Stuffing and Smoked Apple Mule!

Fred Meatorates as we announce our next "Gourmet Smoke Session", an ALL NEW "Top 5", a stuffed "Would You Rather" and an exciting list of "Gourmet Facks" to round out the show!

MONDAY OCTOBER 19! David Garofalo joins us from Two Guys Smoke Shop & The Cigar Authority to discusser October 29 LFD Gourmet Smoke Session. Brian and Fred are Together in Texas and prepare Wagyu Brisket as we discuss all things Wagyu, Texas and Gourmet. This episode will be a special featuring the Hackers enjoying each others company and also taking questions from the crowd about anything! An all new "Gourmet Facks" and "Would You Rather" along with a Texas themed "Top 5"! Join us for a great show and a few new enhancements for your viewing enjoyment! 

October is upon us and we kick it off with a haunting new LIVE episode!!! GOURMET PLAY Carney prepares BLOODIED LAMB CHOPS with a twist and McGee takes on CHUCK(Y) STEAK! This Episode includes the OFFICIAL announcement of our next Gourmet Smoke Session, all new "Top List", an appropriately themed "Would You Rather?", and some SCARY "Gourmet Facks."

 A Hybrid (virtual/in person) Gourmet Broadcast! To prepare the food from the session please visit and select the "Gourmet Smoke Session" Package. Food packages can be purchased prior to the event and after for those interested and the items will be shipped in temperature controlled packaging directly to your home. Prime Tomahawk Ribeye Demonstration by Hacking Gourmet in Partnership with Meat N Bone Premium Cigar Pairing with Tony Gomez & Jonathan Carney Vice Presidents of La Flor Dominicana. Woodwork and Woodcare session by Wood Butcher Maine - Aaron Smith! To prepare the food from the session please visit and select the "Gourmet Smoke Session" Package. Food packages can be purchased prior to the event and after for those interested and the items will be shipped in temperature controlled packaging directly to your home.

HACKING GOURMET LIVE EPISODE! With Tobacco Leaf - Jessup, Maryland & Meat N' Bone - Miami, Florida! We dig deeper into the "Gourmet Smoke Sessions" with another major announcement, explore all things LEAF & MEAT, all new "Would You Rather", "Top 5", "Warning Label of the Week" and general shenanigans that have come to be expected! Carney, fresh off Atlanta Cigar Week, prepares (in line with this episodes theme) a "Kale Steak Bone Marrow Salad." McGee continues to expand his lineup of dishes with a wonderful presentation and Fred has now been on a plane for the first time in 7 months. Join us LIVE MONDAY SEPTEMBER 21!!!

Labor Day Special! Aaron Smith “The Wood Butcher” joins us and prepares Smash Burgers & Bacon Cheese Dogs on his Blackstone and talks all things woodwork!

Carney takes on another fast food classic with his BBQ Rib Sandwich and McGee continues to expand his ingredient arsenal with a Spicy Wagyu Roast Beef Sandwich.

New Top List - “Top 5 Woods” another Carney directed “WOOD You Rather”, “The Warning Label of the Week” and other usual shenanigans!

 Hacking Gourmet - "Grilling Nemo"

In this episode FISH is on the menu! Brian prepares Seared Sea Scallops, Butter Poached Shrimp w/Polenta (the polenta doesn't go so well) & Fish Tacos! On Carney's front there is Cigar Box Cedar Plank Haddock w/Fiesta Potatoes and Lemon Aioli. The team unveils a new segment with the "Meme of the Week", and all new "Top List" and the return of "Would you Rather". Join us for the usual shenanigans and a general great time as we venture out to sea for some fine fish dishes.

 Hacking Gourmet Presents.... "Planet of the Apps" Monday August 10 - 5 pm Eastern The team produces creative appetizers, catches up with Fred on the road, an all new "Top List" and "Would you Rather?", and much more of the usual unexpected excitement!



Hacking Gourmet - "CHEF JAM"
Chef KB "Chef to the Stars" joins us from KB's Cuisine as we welcome you to the "CHEF JAM"... ALRIGHT!
Brian prepares Smoked Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin w/a Chipotle Apricot Sauce, Braised Brussel Sprouts w/Bacon and Garlic Parmesan Fingerling Potatoes.
Carney creates a Mojo Mustard Sauce to accompany Iberico Pork Chops and Roasted Root Vegtables (Carrots, Beats, Fennel, Sweet Potato).
Fred returns to the MEATorator position (and wired internet access) after a turmultuos final QG Episode. A BRAND NEW TOP 5, WOULD YOU RATHER and STEAK TIPS as the team enters a new era with our first episode of "Hacking Gourmet!"

(Fireworks begin at 6 min mark on the countdown clock)
Hacking Gourmet - Independence Day Fireworks Extravaganza
LIVE from Cold Stream Pond - Enfield, Maine it's the 4th of July! Join us as we celebrate America's 244th Birthday and Maine's 200th!
Episode 14 - INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL "Threat Level Hot Dog" - Monday June 29 - 5 PM EST Join us as we celebrate AMERICA and defend against the HOT DOG invasion! All members of the QG team will be on the grill this week as we bring you American Grill Classics! Carney prepares Hot Dogs 3-Ways (Fenway Frank, The Maine Dog & The Loaded Carney Dog), Patriotic Pasta Salad & Homemade BBQ Bacon Potato Chips! McGee prepares Sour Cream Garlic Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs, a Jalapeno Cheese Stuffed Bacon Weave Cheeseburger, and Garlic Parmesan Cheese Fries! Fred comes in with a sweet tooth a prepares Grilled Peaches, Inside Out Cheeseburgers, Steak Cut Bacon and Wood Fired Corn on the Cob! This week we announce the "Renaming Contest" winner, OUR NEW NAME, our new programing schedule, along with "STEAK TIPS" from the grill, a new "TOP 5" and "WOULD YOU RATHER" a good times and eats packed with "FLAVOR POTENTIAL"!
Episode 13 - FATHER'S DAY - "The Grillfather" We're going to present a show you can't refuse.. Steak is a dish... Best served grilled. It's Father's Day and the QG team has put together a show to honor all fathers with the GODFATHER of Steaks... The Tomahawk Ribeye! McGee fires up a smoked 60 Day home Dry Aged Wagyu Tomahawk Ribeye seared in Duck Fat! Grilled King Crab Legs with Garlic Pepper Ghee and Smoked Corn on the Cob! Carney prepares Twin 45 Day Dry Aged Prime Tomahawk Ribeyes, Penne Bolognese, Italian Mushrooms and a Braised Italian Celery Salad with Garlic Flatbread! The GodFadr - Fred Rewey MEAT-OR-RATES this wild steak heist fit for a BOSS but made for the FATHERS! Endless "FLAVOR POTENTIAL", "STEAK TIPS" and an Italian themed would you rather top of this Special Edition of Quarantine Grilling!
Episode 12 - "Food Truck Fair" JUNE 15 - 5:00 PM EST - FACEBOOK LIVE QG welcomes Chef Nathan Carlson of Washington State as he embarks on the creation of his own Food Truck business "Where There's Food Eat It!" The Grillers will also be creating their own Food Truck Concepts and Dishes as we host the First Quarantine Grilling "Food Truck Fair"! "The Snack Shack" - Carney finally brings us his family's famed Onion Rings (TOP SECRET - no recipe or ingredients will be shared) with King's Hawaiian Cheeseburger Deluxe Sliders. He also prepares Char Grilled Buffalo Wings with Hand-cut Truffle French Fries! "The Animal Wagon" - McGee creates a the ultimate Cheeseburger Crunch wrap with homemade loaded Animal Style Tater Tots! Our guest will be bringing his own dishes along with him as we discover new  "Steak Tips" (we have an actual Chef so they will be real this time), loads of "Flavor Potential" as the team selects their "Top American Cities" during this WILD RIDE through the QG FOOD TRUCK FAIR!
Episode 11 - "How to Cook a Keeper!"We are proud to welcome Stephanie Mulligan (owner of, Maine Children's author of "How to Catch a Keeper!" and all around lobster expert! Stephanie will take us on a journey of lobstering and her experiences aboard the "Lucky Catch"! Our MEATorator, Fred Rewey, is coming off an at home weekend LOBSTER FEST and will be talking all things lobster with our guest! And..... the grillers will do what they do best... GRILL! Carney will be taking on the LOBSTERS, preparing the KEEPERS three ways! - Lobster Cakes - Lobster Rolls - Lobster Surf & Turf (Wagyu Ribeye Filet) McGee prepares a Cod Fish & Chips along with Cedar Plank Salmon! New "Steak Tips"," Flavor Potential", a seafood themed "Would You Rather" and our TOP OCEAN THEMED MOVIES plus much more on this weeks episode of Quarantine Grilling!
Episode 10 - "The Breakfast Club" - Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey! Join the QG team as they take on Breakfast for Dinner!! Fred returns to MEATorating as he continues to work through last weeks pork belly burnt ends. McGee creates a Mose cocktail and prepares a bacon and sausage breakfast burrito with crispy red potatoes and a home made roasted tomato salsa! Carney does a Pomegranate Mimosa and grills up Filet Mignon Eggs Benedict with a side of Iberico Bacon Hash! Pour yourself a strong coffee and get ready to have the breakfast jitters as we unveil a NEW TOP 5, STEAK TIPS and the return of WOULD YOU RATHER!
Episode 9 - The Ultimate Backyard BBQ & Wood Butcher Maine Butcher Block Giveaway! All 3 QG'ers GRILLING THIS WEEK! MEMORIAL DAY SPECIAL McGee takes on BURGERS (Including his famous Kevin Bacon Burger) and makes Micheladas. Fred does BBQ Burnt Ends (PORK BELLY FOR DAYS) and Carney puts together a BBQ Chicken Platter (Homemade BBQ Sauce) with Fiddlehead Potato Salad and Homemade Pickles! In partnership with our sponsor Wood Butcher Maine ( we gave away to one lucky viewer a Custom Made Curly Maple Wood Butcher Block featuring deep juice wells! Join us as we honor those brave Americans that gave the ultimate sacrifice! We will be having a moment of silence at the start of our show and will be playing the National Anthem, so join us early to honor America and our fallen heroes.
Episode 8 - "Lucky Seven" - McGee & Carney compete ONE on ONE in an innovative challenge involving only 7 INGREDIENTS! Each griller will join our MEATorator Fred Rewey on commentary as the other cooks their dish in a timed challenge! McGee prepares Chicken Enchiladas with a Chorizo Cream Sauce & Carney creates an Italian Grilled Steak Gorgonzola Flatbread. ALL WITH ONLY SEVEN INGREDIENTS! Amongst other "playful" banter, the crew will release a new "TOP" list, our weekly "Would You Rather" and general "Steak Tips" with loads of "Flavor Potential."
EPISODE 7 - “Where did you come from. Where did you go.. Welcome to our Local Yocal Show!” Monday May 11- 5 pm EST - FACEBOOK LIVE Local Inspired Dishes! Chef Cole Averill (of Lincoln, Maine) joins us as our guest this week and takes us on a culinary journey! McGee prepares Dry Aged Wagyu Chicken Fried Steak with Chicken Bacon Gravy and Grilled Corn and Sprouts! After two consecutive loses Carney decides it's a good idea to take on our guest with local Maine Ingredients. He prepares Wagyu Filet Oscar Lobster with a Blueberry Buttermilk BEARrnaise Sauce and Roasted Maine Potato Salad. Fred MEATorates the madness and snacks on bacon delights by popular request from our viewers!
EPISODE 6 - Cinco De Mayo "Open Borders" Join us Monday May 4 @ 5 PM EST on FACEBOOK LIVE! Oliver Nivaud "El Rey Taco" from United Cigars joins us and produces our shows first cocktail along with Pork Belly Tacos and Salsa Verde! McGee & Carney compete one on one with CARNE(Y) Asada and Corn side dishes.(McGee copies Carney's dish, adds French Fries and changes the name to CARNE(Y) Killer Asada). Wine is substituted with Agave Necter Margaritas and our MEATorator, Fred Rewey, unveils our new FIREY design theme!
QUARANTINE GRILLING - EPISODE 5 “THE GRILL IS FOWL” Join us as we tackle BIRDS on the grill! McGee continues with the can theme and creates a beer can chicken! While Carney does a whole grilled duck l’orange and transforms the insides into two appetizers! Fred takes over production this week so we’re in for a FOWL show!
Episode 4 - "In the Can" - Join the guys as we tackle CANNED foods! All dishes will be created with canned food! (with the exception of spices, herbs, salt and pepper) BY POPULAR DEMAND Carney uses SPAM to create Canned Grilled Oysters Rockefellar w/Spam and Grilled Spam Carbonara! McGee creates an incredible Elevated Canned Chili over Canned Vienna Sausages! Our MEATorator - Fred Rewey digs into our favorite grilling/kitchen tools to create the Quarantine Grilling Top 10!
Episode 3 - "The Great American Steakhouse" - Evan Darnell joins us from the Red Meat Lover's Club to prepare two styles of Ribeyes and to discuss his club and "Great American Steakhouses." Carney prepares a 30 Day Dry Aged NY Strip with Creme Brûlée Creamed Corn and a Grilled Quail. McGee takes on MaCGee and Cheese and a 60 Day Dry Aged Wagyu Ribeye.
Episode 2 - "Salt Blocks" - Quarantine Grilling welcomes guest Fred Rewey as he introduces us to cooking on salt blocks. He brings a prime Tomahawk Ribeye to the show! Carney prepares a Piedmontese Ribeye w/an Italian Chimichurri while McGee prepares Brussel Sprouts and the famous Wagyu McKinney cut! Someone on the show get's a job offer as we pitch Fred on joining us in the weekly mayham! More "Steak Tips" and exploring of "Flavor Potential" on this Episode!
Episode 1 - "The Pilot Episode" - The Quarantine World is introduced to Brian McGee & Jon Carney for the first time! Both Grillers prepare high end cuts of beef on their grills to celebrate episode one. In this episode we are introduced to "Flavor Potential" and "Steak Tips."